git tree URL:

Testbuild status

On you can currently see the status of each testbuild Stephen and his team did.

linux-next specials

The trees master branch will rebase on an almost daily basis (maybe slower at the start).

It consists of subsystem git an quilt trees. The merge log is in its Next/merge.log file
and Next/quilt-import.log accordingly the imports log of the quilt trees.
In Next/Trees you can find an onverview of the currently included trees (see also Included trees).

Between each merge the tree was built with allmodconfig for x86_64 and powerpc
(by Stephen Rothwell only currently).

The tree is also tagged with a pattern next-YYYYMMDD while the current tag is
also used for the kernel version (via the localversion-next file machanism).

Included trees

Always up to date link:;a=blob;f=Next/Trees;hb=HEAD
State from 2008-02-19:
Trees included into this release:

Name            Type    URL
----            ----    ---
origin          git     git://
driver-core     quilt
pci             quilt
usb             quilt
device-mapper   quilt
hid             git     git://
i2c             quilt
kernel-doc      quilt
avr32           git     git://
v4l-dvb         git     ssh://
s390            git     git://
sh              git     ssh://
jfs             git     git://
kbuild          git     git://
pata            quilt
libata          git     git://
nfs             git     git://
xfs             git     git://
infiniband      git     git://
acpi            git     git://
blackfin        git     git://
nfsd            git     git://
firewire        git     git://
hwmon           git     git://


In short the linux-next git tree is the merge of all of the developer and maintainers trees, much like the -mm tree is today. There are some automated buildtest and maintainers get notification on merge and buildproblems. For a more detailed explanation please have a look at the initial announcement of linux-next.


On there is a corresponding mailinglist for linux-next.
You can e.g. subscribe via this link.
An archive of the mailinglist is kept here:

Initial announcement

The initial announcement of linux-next from Stephen Rothwell:
and this is a minor addition of him noting the other brave guys that stood up for this job:

Disclaimer: this summary page for linux-next (by Frank Seidel) may be totally bogus or misleading. Use at own risk.
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Last updated: 2008-02-18